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Other Professionals

Throughout my career I have worked with a number of amazing and talented people, companies, systems and programs. 


Passing that information on to help others improve the way their business grows is key to building long relationships, so here is a few to help you on your way...

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James Caddy

Graphic Designer

James is a graphic designer working mainly on web based projects - creating bespoke responsive designs for agencies and small/medium sized businesses.


Also working on brand and corporate identities as well as printed literature such as leaflets, brochures and advertising.

His eye for design was truely inspiring and his complete honesty means that I turn to him for any advice or work in his area.

Andy Latham.jpg

Andy Latham

Salvage Wire

Andy is and Automotive Engineer with experience across vehicle repair, insurance, salvage, recycling and scrap metal industries. 

Andy is a specialist trainer and educator on electric and hybrid vehicles, and travels across the world delivering accredited training to the automotive industry; some of the training available includes:

Electric and Hybrid Awareness training for all employees, 


Electric and Hybrid Level 3 and Level 4 training for vehicle technicians 

WAMITAB accredited electric and hybrid training for the vehicle recycling and scrap metal industries. 

MIRTE - Member of the Institute of Road Transport Engineers

MSOE - Member of the Society of Operations Engineers


Chas Ambrose

Vehicle Recycling Association

Founder of the Vehicle Recyclers Association (VRA), Chas Ambrose has an extensive detailed knowledge of the workings of the UK automotive recycling industry and is classed as the person to turn to for help and support in relation to regulations, health and safety etc.

Chas has supported me above and beyond the call of duty, and I only hope to return the support he has shown me

Todd Ensworth.jpg

Todd Ensworth


Founder of CarEggs (USA)

I have known Todd for several years after meeting at the Automotive Recycling Association Conference in the USA.


He has educated me on systems, processes and efficencies, I wouldnt be where I am today without his help. 

CarEggs was built initially as a tool to speed up the Ebay listing process. The tool solves one of the biggest issues in the recycled parts world, knowing which parts to inventory. 

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