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Automotive Recycling

What is the Automotive Recycling Industry?

When a vehicle comes to the end of its life, through age or accident, it is recycled through specialised and dedicated automotive vehicle recyclers. who are permitted and regulated under UK Law.  Automotive vehicles are the most recycled consumer product in the world.


Those vehicles are processed and recycled through a process called vehicle dismantling and vehicle depollution. These processes extract and recycle all the valuable metals and materials foundfrom within a vehicle.

How many vehicles are recycled each year?

An estimated 1.8 million End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs) are being generated each year in the UK alone.

What are the laws regarding Automotive Recycling?


The UK law requires that only “Authorised Treatment Facilities” (ATFs) are permitted to dismantled/depollute cars and light goods vehicles in accordance with the requirements of the End-of-Life (ELV) Vehicle Regulations (and parallel legislation in Scotland and Northern Ireland), which implement elements of the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive.

As the dismantling and depollution process is classed as hazardous waste, there are strict guidelines that ATFs are required to adhere to, one is having a documented depollution process in place, to show that they depolluted to a certain standard.


What is the estimated turnover of the UK Vehicle Recycling Industry?

In 2019, the United Kingdom’s top 25 “Authorised Treatment Facilities” (ATF’s) contributed over half a billion pounds to the Automotive Vehicle Recycling industry. With over 1600 registered ATF’s in the UK, the industry is estimated to generate well over £1.5 billion in revenue.

In comparison, the Automotive Vehicle Recycling Industry in the United States, had an estimated revenue of over   $25 Billion in 2019, employing over 100,000 people.


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