Business Analysis

Automotive Recycling Business Analysis

Why does a company enlist the help of an Automotive Recycling Consultant?

Firstly, “The case for engaging an external business consultant is that many companies suffer a crisis at some point but to survive the crisis they need exceptional managers and a radical agenda.

Businesses often go wrong because they fail to adapt to changing conditions and management teams may live in a fantasy world where they are in denial about the gravity of the situation they face,Michael Manners, MD, Limelight Learning UK.

Secondly, we work within our own bubble and at times struggle to see things from the outside. We can become overly protective and defensive of the way things are done and by not realising that there may be a better way of achieving the same task, in a quicker, more efficient manner, it can lead to being unproductive and less profitable.

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Business Analysis Report

Automotive Recycling Business Analysis Report

What is an Automotive Recycling Business Analysis report?

The basics to the report will:

  • Critically review and assess the site/facility

  • Investigate all processes, communications, and systems

  • Check on all facilities including infrastructure, equipment, and tooling

  • Probe personnel including their skills, capabilities leadership and management

  • Collate all relevant data, produce, and present the report to the relevant people/team(s)


Some questions from within the business analysis report are:


  • Is there overvalued or slow-moving stock?

  • Are the management accounts delivered on time or at the correct time?

  • Is there poor credit and cash problems?

  • What is the management structure within the business and are those managers round pegs in round holes?

  • Is the site layout efficiently maximising the returns from each vehicle?

  • Are the vehicle dismantling bays / ramps set up efficiently and optimised?

  • What is the eBay footprint and is it optimised?


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