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Online Vehicle Salvage Auctions

Online vehicle salvage auctions - Selling accident damaged, repairable salvage write-off vehicles.

Why does a company need to optimise its online sales?

For anyone involved in processing accident damaged, salvage repairable write-off’s, it is extremely important when selling on online vehicle auctions, the highest revenues are achieved in the minimal possible time, through the correct, optimised processes.

ATF’s (Authorised Treatment Facilities) are constantly investing and striving to achieve greater ways of improving their customer confidence, in the type of industry they are in.

Understanding the optimal route for every vehicle when preparing, photographing and listing for auction, is key to lowering / controlling overheads, increasing revenues and future proofing the business for decades to come.

With over 17 years of vehicle salvage industry knowledge, here at Bastin Mitchell Consulting, we can optimise your auction process and help you achieve greater revenues.

With studies showing that with the right investment, infrastructure, procedures, policies and training, accident damaged, salvage repairable write-off vehicle hammer prices can be increased by as much as 20%.

Match this up with optimising a yard’s layout and reducing forklift movements, working together we can reduce overheads, the risk of waste, increase revenues and generate greater profits.

Can you afford not to find out if you are making the best out of your accident damage, salvage repairable write-off vehicles?

Get in touch today and find out…

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Repairable Salvage Industry

Accident Damaged \ Repairable Salvage Write-Off Vehicles

What is the size of the of the UK collison market?

Each year over 620,000 vehicles are written-off by insurance companies as accident damage, in a collision repair market worth over £5 billion.


Over 500,000 of those vehicles are classed as accident damaged salvage repairable write-off’s and are legally allowed to be repaired and put back on the UK roads.

Who sells accident damaged, salvage repairable insurance write-off vehicles?

Accident Damaged \ Repairable Salvage Write-Off Vehicles

Who is authorised to sell insurance write-off vehicles?

Repairable accident damaged, salvage write-off vehicles are mainly sold off by ATF’s when:

  • contracted to do so on behalf of the insurance companies, as a trusted and certified ATF, where revenues are returned directly to the insurance company,

  • or, when the ATF’s have specialised contracts in place where they own the write-offs and process them in order to generate revenues for the business.

Where are accident damaged, salvage repairable write-off vehicles sold?

Accident Damaged \ Repairable Salvage Write-Off Vehicles

Accident damage, salvage repairable write-off vehicles are sold off on several different platforms but now the majority are sold online, on vehicle salvage auctions.


Five of the most recognised online auction salvage platforms for selling insurance write-offs in the United Kingdom are: (in alphabetical order)

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